Eoin Hayes

About Me

I'm an engineer, entrepreneur, and political activist. Born in Limerick, but now based in Dublin, I've lived in London, New York, Palo Alto, and Philadelphia. In my free time, I volunteer at RICC, train with Crossfit, read (mostly non-fiction, biographies, history, politics, and current affairs), play with code, and support the arts.

My Career

I've spent most of my career in business, but I've also spent a good deal of time in political activism and engineering.

I studied Chemical Engineering at University College Cork, then the most selective engineering school in Ireland, and afterwards was elected as the President of the Students' Union, the first engineer to lead the Union in the University's history. After my year in student politics, I travelled and did odd jobs for a year, including working on David Norris's Presidential campaign and interning at Google in Dublin and Mountain View, California. The following September I enrolled at London Business School, where I was the first Irish person to graduate from their Masters in Management program.

In 2012, I moved to the US and worked on Barack Obama's re-election campaign as a community organiser in suburban Philadelphia and then as a Data Manager in the HQ in Chicago. After the campaign, I was hired as a post-MBA management consultant by a New York City-based boutique consulting firm to lead projects re-structuring corporate sales organisations with C-suite executives around the world. I was the youngest person ever hired by the firm at that level. I then joined Palantir, one of Silicon Valley's highest-valued private companies, as the first European-born member of their elite special operations team. I led internal business projects there for senior leadership in Palo Alto, New York, and London and interviewed literally hundreds of Ivy League-educated candidates. We hired less than 10.

In 2017, I decided to return to Ireland and I'm currently working on a few startup ideas from The Tara Building in Dublin. I designed and built this website from scratch in HTML and CSS for fun.

Contact Me

I occasionally do ad-hoc paid or pro-bono consulting projects. If you think there's a problem I can help you solve, send me an email and I'll try help in any way I can. Also, you can connect with me on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Medium by clicking on the logos below.

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